Thursday, 5 April 2012

Neil Warnock takes Leeds to Flamingo Land

Neil Warnock is a pioneer of a football manager and his latest incredibly innovative team building exercise was taking his Leeds side to Flamingo Land, a theme park with roller coasters and stuff.

I like to think of Warnock as the protagonist in a sitcom that keeps inadvertently getting himself in trouble.  In this latest episode he forgot that his wife told him to take her nerdy brother to a theme park like he promised but he also had to prepare his team for the big match!  Then he spends the next 8 hours trying to pretend that somehow playing with animals in the petting zoo is an analogy for looking after the ball like it were a pet and then his brother in law falls in the swimming pool and is eaten by the killer whale.  I don't think they have a killer whale in Flamingo Land but if they did that's what would have happened.  So are you happy now?  A man died in there today.  A man died because of a killer whale.  Oh the humanity!  Or the manatee.  I don't think a manatee could kill someone.  Maybe if you dropped it from a height, but I'm not sure that's really the kind of thing you should be doing with a sea creature.