Monday, 16 April 2012

Neil Lennon is a terrible loser

Neil Lennon oversaw yet another humiliating defeat for Celtic this weekend, as his team lost to Hearts in the Scottish Cup semi-final.  He took it really well.

Celtic lost 2-1 to Hearts at Hampden, confirming an Edinburgh derby for the final and an incredibly disappointing season for the Hoops since the SPL is about as prestigious as 'winning' a toy in a box of cereal.  A late winner from ex-Celtic player Craig Beattie was too much for the Glasgow team and Neil Lennon acted in the appropriate manner after the match, by blaming everyone else and shouting at people.  Taking to Twitter, the manager said:
Feel so sorry for players and fans... I think it's personal myself.
Yes, before the match all the referees decided to turn against Celtic by awarding fouls based only on the fact that they had been committed.  Shocked by the sudden injustice at the fact penalties were now allowed to be given against Celtic for things like hand ball, Lennon and his cronies didn't know what to do and instead of congratulating the victors of this match, decided to act like a bunch of spoiled children.

Putting Neil Lennon in charge of Celtic is a bit like when you're playing Sonic 2 and have almost all the chaos emeralds by like the third level, and then your mate turns up at your house and you kinda have to keep him entertained, but you've put in a fair shift at this game so you need to keep going so decide to take it turn about.  Then he keeps dying at all the easy bits and he loses all his rings before you get to go to the special stages so you don't get the rest of the emeralds and then eventually you run out of lives.  You turn to him and say 'oh my god, you are fucking shit at this game' and he goes 'OH YEH?  WELL SINCE WHEN WOULD LANDING ON SPIKES HURT A HEDGEHOG, HUH?  OH AND I SUPPOSE A PERSON COULDN'T JUST WALK IN LAVA IN REAL LIFE COULD THEY?' and then he picks up your mega drive and throws it out the window, goes on Twitter and starts moaning about stupid the game is and how it's not fair that he didn't win it.

Then you play it the next day and win, because it's actually really easy when you aren't a dick.