Monday, 23 April 2012

Muamba might play again

Fabrice Muamba isn't satisfied with only nearly dying once so has decided to maybe try and play professional football again.  Oh and also he's really pleased that god saved his life.  Those doctors probably did something too but yeh, thanks for that floating man!

Bolton boss Owen Coyle has revealed that he would not be surprised if the 24 year old midfielder did eventually play again in the top flight but stressed that everyone should remember that he almost died.  He's not exactly break dancing at the moment.  Coyle said:
"I understand, because of the interest, that everybody thinks he's released from hospital so that's it, he's singing and dancing down the street. But people have got to understand there's room for continued improvement.
"His little lad hadn't been able to see him for a period so it's important we give them that time to be together."
As absurd as it sounds putting someone who almost died of a heart attack on a football pitch back on a football pitch, Muamba clearly loves the sport and Coyle also pointed out that he wouldn't be pushed into action if he didn't want to play.  Thankfully for him, he has the vengeful christian God on his side so can pretty much do anything he wants.  That guy sure sounds great.

The only problem is that after this incident, Muamba only has one wish left and that is of course reserved to set God free.  Will he keep his promise?  Only time will tell.  It's either that or new shoes.