Thursday, 12 April 2012

Muamba is part cyborg

Fabrice Muamba is incredibly fortunate to still be alive, surviving only due to the quick thinking of doctors and medical staff after his on-pitch heart attack.  Now he wants to play professional football again so the hospital are rebuilding him.

Medical experts are going to fit the Bolton midfielder with a 'mini-defibrillator' incase he should have a repeat of the cardiac collapse he did in his last professional match.  Now, I'm all for him surviving, but if we are going to introduce financial fair play and ban performance enhancing drugs in the sport I think we should seriously consider not letting scientifically modified players take part.  First it's machines to keep them alive, next it's bionic legs that let them leap over defenders challenges - is that really what you want?  Is it?!!!  Yeh me too.  Continue the research, scientists.