Monday, 30 April 2012

Modric might probably leave Spurs

So this one has started again. FML

Harry Redknapp spends most of every summer in his car, driving around looking for journalists to speak to. Last year he constantly told everyone that Modric wasn't allowed to leave and surprisingly he didn't despite all the rumoured bidders. Who would have thought that a legally binding contact would prevent an employee from leaving his current position?Now things are different and Harry seems pretty alright that Modric will move at the end of the season. He told the BBC:
"Last summer it was vital that we kept hold of Luka, I would be lying if I said I was sure that he would stay [this summer].
"You would like to think Luka would still be here, but you never know."
And then he talked about how he was pretty sure Gareth Bale wouldn't move, even though he's said he wants to as well. So basically, Spurs' two best players are about to jump ship leaving Redknapp to try and engineer a European place out of his depleted squad and now the England job has gone so he doesn't have that option to run away to either. At least there will be lots of journalists for him to speak to in his garden, which he seems to really enjoy. I, on the other hand, don't but that's because the journalists at my house want to know why there are so many dead prostitutes all over town. In my defence business was slow and it was possibly an ill advised Charlie and the Chocolate Factory style give away. The ticket isn't literally inside her. Ha ha ha dead prostitute jokes. What a lovely world. 

P.s sorry for the horrible formatting on these posts, i'm on holiday right now and it's not as easy doing this stuff on an iPad. Also I'm horrifically lazy.