Friday, 6 April 2012

Michael Owen wants to be on TV

Michael Owen is one of the world's most boring people so what better way to utilise these talents than to get him on TV once his career is over.  Wait, 'is'?  So you're telling me he still plays?  huh.

The Manchester United striker is injured SHOCKING I KNOW at the moment and has announced that he'd like to play for a few more years before he eventually moves into media work.  Inspired by former team-mate Gary Neville, the forward said:
Gary Neville is a breath of fresh air [at Sky Sports] and has almost encouraged me to do it.  I get excited when it;s half-time now because he's so intelligent and brings something new to it.
I think we are all in agreement that G-Nev is the greatest pundit of all time now but just because you like something doesn't mean you are any good at it.  I've seen him on TV and Owen has about as much charisma as a twix, with an incredible ability to turn anything he's asked in to a question about himself.  You could ask him what soup he wanted and he'd manage to tell you all about that time he scored a goal against Argentina in 1998:

"That's not what I asked Michael"
"Ahh yes.  Where were we?  Oh yeh.  The important thing was I had an onion on my belt, which was the style at the time"