Thursday, 19 April 2012

Messi will never play in England

Lionel Messi has announced something we all kinda already knew, namely that he never wants to play in England.  He announced this last week by the way, I'm just reeeeeeally far behind on the news.

The world's best player didn't really have to much to do against Chelsea on Wednesday night but every time he got the ball you could see almost visibly see the defenders start to panic.  Thankfully for Premier League defenders everywhere this will only ever happen in European games until the day Messi retires:
The Premier League is immensely exciting and when I get the opportunity I love to watch it on television. There is a great deal to admire about English football [but] I have never thought about life beyond Barcelona. My heart belongs to the club and I can never see the day arrive when I want to leave.  It has always been my intention to stay here since the very first day I arrived and nothing has convinced me to change my mind.
So it sucks for everyone that we don't get to see Messi tear apart the Premier League but somewhere near Wigan Gary Caldwell breaths a massive sigh of relief.  If he had to even think about trying to tackle Lionel Messi his head would just catch fire and launch into outer space.