Friday, 27 April 2012

Lyon have a 3D strip

Lyon have set the bar for new football kits by making theirs 3D. It's like they're coming towards you out of the screen! Arghhhhhhh


I really fail to see the point of this. Unless you are wearing 3D glasses during the game you aren't going to see the effect, and also 3D is awful. It makes you feel like your brain is going to blue screen at any minute and makes you very aware that you are watching a movie. Theres nothing worse than trying to get yourself immersed in a film and then suddenly you start thinking, "I wonder what software they used for that bit" and "if it's in 3D surely they can see the fucking iceberg".

You don't have to have a wasp in my actual face to make it terrifying, and neither do you need to have snow flakes flying at my eye balls to make me realise it might be snowing. What do wasps even do? As David Attenborough once majestically said "They... are the true cunts of the animal world".