Friday, 6 April 2012

Levski Sofia manager quits because his team lost a game

In Bulgaria they take winning very seriously. One team I can't remember the name of suspended all player wages until they won and now some dude called Nikolay Kostov has quit because his team lost.

This news is actually really old but you can't control what I write so I'm gonna do it anyway. By old I mean about 5 days but that makes it olds, not news.  Regarldess, Sofia had actually not lost a game since November and were on course to probably win the league but because in this one match the players "didn't match his high standards" he decided to quit. It's a shame, because as is my understanding of Bulgarian motivational techniques based on these two teams, if they don't go on to win the championship they won't get their families back. Which I think is quite mean. It's like if you gave Abramovich a 'there are no rules' rule and then everyone mysteriously died except Frank Lampard who couldn't fit through the trap door and now just lives half in the floor and half sticking out. Like a pez dispenser.