Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Lawrie Sanchez predicts woman manager by 2022

Lawrie Sanchez fell down some stairs the other day and banged his head off a radiator.  It had no effect on him at all other than that he announced his prediction that women would be managers of Premier League clubs by the year 2022.

Football is so sexist it beggars belief sometimes and it's not that I think women couldn't manage at the top flight of football, it's that they simply won't be given the chance.  If Frank Lampard refuses to listen to AVB there's little chance he's going to take instructions from a girl.  Unless she was really hot in which case you'd do whatever the fuck she said.  The more I think about it the better this idea actually is, because if you consider the deplorable things you'd do just to lick Jessica Alba's face, imagine how much harder you'd work as a player if there was the chance you might see her boobs as a reward.  If you were offered the Champions League trophy or the chance to watch Elisha Cuthbert finger herself in the changing room you'd definitely think twice.  Hooray for sexism!