Monday, 2 April 2012

LALAL (Let's All Laugh At Liverpool)

LALAL has a nice ring to it I think? Liverpool had a shocker yesterday, outplayed, defeated, goalkeeper sent off, Kenny Daglish, Andy Carroll, it was magic.

Some of my friends who support Liverpool were down in Newcastle for this game so a special hello to you. Liverpool have now lost 6 our of their last 7 league games and my favourite stat - if the league started on the 1st of January, Liverpool would be bottom. Still it could be worse, you could have spent £35m on Andy Carroll.

The game itself was a disgrace from a Liverpool point of view. No commitment, no passion, no effort, no football, Carroll's dive, Reina's red card, Daglish being ushered off the pitch by Steven Gerrard - at least Jose Enrique was good in goals.

Daglish's embarrassing defence of his players continued, he said that Carroll lost his balance and did not dive. He did dive but it doesn't matter because he got yellow-carded and subbed off later without even a shred of dignity left. Liverpool have a FA Cup semi-final against Everton which is really all they seem to care about now so hopefully that will go tits up as well. Here's our video-