Tuesday, 10 April 2012

LALAL: It's Kenny again

Let's all laugh at Liverpool a little more. What do you do in football when even your own fans have realised you're not very good, and your team cannot win any games? Blame the referees of course, simple. Sorry if you expected a joke there.

Kenny Dalglish surely wins the award for complete lack of dignity, worst interviewee, most paranoid, most ridiculous, delusional, awful idiot ever, in the football universe of management this season? Recently he had a huge rant about the state of refereeing in this here Premier League. You see nothing ever goes Liverpool's way and now it's cost them victories in their last three games. Did you say conspiracy? I didn't, were you thinking it? Who said conspiracy? Kenny Dalglish didn't but somebody did. Stop saying conspiracy!

I read the interview in question in the Guardian. It seems that "King Kenny" has recently discovered the word integrity - he actually uses it 7 times in one paragraph. The irony of course is, that his team have about as much integrity as Wayne Rooney did when he paid a visit to that granny when his wife was pregnant. Most people see their grandmother every few weeks for a cup of tea, some awful chat and if you're lucky, you leave with a pound coin and the haunting memory of a wet, hairy kiss. Rooney actually paid for that treatment and there wasn't a cup of tea in sight.  I guess what I'm getting at here, is that he is a granny shagger, in case that wasn't clear enough.

Dalglish used words like "inexcusable" and "unexplainable", he was so angry he even began to invent his own words because real words just weren't enough and these were not even in reference to Suarez's racist comments towards Evra. He genuinely believes that Suarez doesn't dive, Carroll didn't dive, his team should have had 10 penalties, Steven Gerrard should be knighted and Stewart Downing is a footballer.

The FA will probably punish Dalglish for his comments, but don't think it's because he was being slanderous for insinuating that the entire Football Association is against Liverpool Football Club. No! It's because everyone hates Liverpool club and they have integrity and nobody else has any integrity. You should all look up integrity in the dictionary because that's what Dalglish did, so if you need some integrity then go down to Anfield because they have lots of integrity.  Writing articles on a phone is hard.