Saturday, 14 April 2012

John W Henry loves baseball

Liverpool are playing Everton today in the FA Cup semi-final. Nobody cares about the FA Cup anymore, especially the Liverpool owner John W Henry who has gone back to America to watch baseball rather than see his club in action today.

Henry, who looks like a blockbuster-bad-guy, decided to fly back to American and watch the Boston Red Sox play instead. I don't even like Liverpool and this has pissed me off, not because he is clearly saying he cares more about the Red Sox more than he does about Liverpool but because he likes baseball more than football.

Baseball is terrible. I can understand why Americans would go to watch the games, they last about a day which allows them to eat numerous hot-dogs, nuts and drink copious amounts of beer. However as a sport, it really is terrible. Skinny person throws ball, fat person on steroids hits ball, skinny person catches ball, fat person on steroids tries to run, repeat. The only other countries that play baseball seriously are Cuba, Mexico and Japan and that's only because they hate America and want to punch them in the face. 

Liverpool fans will be delighted to know that Henry being there inspired the Red Sox to a thrilling victory. They had 12 Rs 16Hs and 0Es - sounds like a classic. I have absolutely no idea what that means. 

Oh wait I just realised he looks like Bill Nighy so now I like him.