Thursday, 5 April 2012

John Terry is super tough

Are you a man? Are you John Terry? He's man, a super tough man, he can even play football with fractured ribs. Is he a doctor? Probably not.

Here is John when he wasn't being so tough or racist but crying after he missed that penalty. Terry fractured his ribs in the first leg against Benfica a week ago, he aggravated the injury again in the second leg. Terry had to be taken off because he was struggling to breathe but he doesn't need to breathe, he is John Terry.

He will probably be rested against Wigan but is expected to play against Spurs in the FA Cup and Barcelona in the Champions League because he is a super tough. A combination of heavy strapping, painkillers and being a big bloody bloke will be enough to get Terry through the games. He said this -
"I don't think it will mean I'm out at all. It's just a case of managing it, and things like that. I know there are ways around it. With the ribs you can't really do anything: you can't treat the injury or massage it to make it better. You just have to let it heal, but I can get through games, definitely. The guys have got a few ideas to get me through them."
The words of a man who would probably rather die than go and see a doctor. Chelsea are in the Champions League semi-final, think about that. If they beat Barcelona does that make them the best team in the world? If they play Madrid in the final, will Chelsea fans support their team or Jose Mourinho? So many questions. Wait, John Terry is going to play against Lionel Messi with two broken ribs? That sounds like a terrible and hilarious idea.