Thursday, 5 April 2012

John Terry is in pain

John Terry has revealed to everyone just what a mighty man he is as he has been playing through games with 2 broken ribs.  It's ok though because he's really hard.

The Chelsea captain told some reporters that he actually can't breathe very well while on the pitch because of the injury but that he intends to keep playing until he's told not to.   The defender sustained the injury in his side's recent match against Benfica in the Champions League and was taken off but since you can't really do anything to fix cracked ribs other than just let whatever magic powers the human body has heal it, there's nothing else he can do except get on with things.  That's crazy when you think about it, how your body just repairs stuff when you fuck it up, without you even asking.  If you cut off your arm a new one just grows back - it's quite incredible.  Wait, that might be lizards.  Is it lizards or humans that you can do that to?  Has anyone seen my phone?  Something bad may have happened :-/