Sunday, 29 April 2012

John Terry is allowed to lift trophy

As I write this Chelsea are absolutely destroying QPR, with Mark Hughes' team game plan appearing to have been relying on the champions league finalists being knackered. They aren't, and also JT is allowed to lift the trophy if they win. With his allegedly racist claws!

UEFA confirmed the news to BBC Sport the other day, pointing out that banned players were only not allowed to sit amongst the substitutes and can take part in celebration ceremonies. They also said that there was no way the 6 suspended players from both Chelsea and Bayern would be allowed to play despite both clubs managers asking for it, playing the 'it's your own fault' card for players booked in the semi finals.

There are calls for this to be changed since you only really get to play in some of these competition finals once and it sucks if you miss out. Its therefore very comforting to know that if there's one thing that governing bodies of football do best, it's make timely decisions based on modern day facts. I have to go now, because they're about to hang Geoff Hurst for having pre marital sex. What a slut!