Thursday, 19 April 2012

Joe Cole likes France

Joe Cole moved to France a little while ago and currently plays for Lille.  You'd forgotten all about him hadn't you?  Well he's forgotten about you too because he wants to live there for... longer.

The midfielder wants to make his move to Lille permanent, having signed on loan during last summer, and has absolutely no plans to return to Liverpool other than to say bye to the like 4 friends he made.  Joe also wants to play in the Olympics like every other English player and has his sights set on a place in Stuart Pearce's team for the tournament, even though I would have assumed he in particular would realise that the Olympics is not the World Cup like the press all seem to think it is.  IT IS NOT THE WORLD CUP.
"Whenever I go home, I go past the Olympic village. I would love to play in the Olympics.
What I've taken from this is that he really wants to play because it's next to his house.  He's basically just really looking forward to the barbecue afterwards and the fact that he can get as pissed as he wants after games because then he can wander back to his parents' house when the night is done.  It sounds a lot like my local village's 5 a side tournament, except that in the Olympics they aren't afraid of black people.