Monday, 2 April 2012

Jermaine Pennant is under-rated

Ex-convict Jermaine Pennant was furious after being played out of position against Wigan in Stokes 2-0 defeat this weekend.  The only way he could legally take out his anger was on his keyboard.  TAKE THAT, INTERNET!

Angered by Tony Pulis' tactics, the ex-Liverpool man typed:
I can’t score a free kick if there isn’t 1 around the box and I played bloody wing back today I’ve never ever been a full back in my life.
That's it.  I don't think it's quite the scathing attack on Pulis that most of the papers have gone with but that's because people who write for tabloid newspapers are generally cunts.  I happen to think that the best position for Jermaine Pennant would be a bloody wing back.... bloody wing back in the changing room!  Wait, that only works for left back.  I mean.... he'd be really good on the wing of a plane!  Repairing it, incase there were damage from a previous flight.  You can't take aviation safety too seriously, my friends.  No sir.