Tuesday, 3 April 2012

James Perch got racisted

When James Perch pretended to be head butted and fell to the ground under Pepe Reina's regretful reaction, Liverpool fans across the globe were annoyed. Especially one kid who said he wanted to "punch Perch in his stupid nigger head".  Stan Collymore retweeted it.

I honestly despair for the world we live in when a 17 year old thinks this is an appropriate thing to say. There's a kinda horrible storm brewing where people can't just say whatever they want on the internet anymore, but at the same time why would you ever write that? Liverpool as yet haven't made any comment since the boy is a reds fan but Dalglish is expected to host a press event soon wearing a t-shirt with his face on it. I'm not saying Liverpool handled the whole racism thing badly, merely that they didn't do it very well, at all. And this is what you get you hate mongers. You've got Stan Collymore thinking he's a superhero.  It would be all like: "Superman, my baby is in that burning building - please do something!" "argh if I only I could but I'm just.... too...... sad :-(     what's the point of life anymore?!!" *punches woman in face*