Saturday, 14 April 2012

Jack Wilshere is always injured

Our younger followers may not remember Jack Wilshere. He is a young midfielder that plays for Arsenal and has been injured for about two years. Oh yeah and he looks like a hobbit so I made him into one.

It was hoped that Wilshere would be fit to return at the end of this season, therefore making him available for the Euros this summer. Unfortunately while he's been injured, Wilshere has found a love for making babies, playing FIFA and going on Twitter - as a result he has forgotten about his recovery and the chances of him playing for England are slim. By slim I mean, there is no chance he will play for England this summer.

Still unable to play to even kick a ball, Wilshere has to go to the gym by himself and is not allowed to play at lunch time with the rest of the team. He also has to eat lunch by himself in the corner and is bullied by the bigger boys. Wenger believes that Jacky-boy is struggling to keep his spirits up because all he wants to do is play football and he will not be happy until he can. Wilshere seems like a nice enough chap so perhaps at FitbaThatba we can cheer him up. Here is a couple of pigs wearing boots, if that doesn't work then nothing will.