Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Ivanovic is not allowed to punch people

Branislav Ivanovic has been charged with improper conduct for punching Shaun Maloney in his stupid midget stomach in an off the ball incident.

Although he hasn't been found guilty yet, despite replays on TV clearly showing that he is, should he be found guilty, like he is, the defender will face a 3 match ban.  It's a real shame because up until now Ivanovic really enjoyed going around punching people in the face and especially in the stomach.  If only real life rules applied to football and you were still allowed to punch people, their world would be so much simpler.  Conversely, if real life followed football rules then my face wouldn't be so sore whenever I forgot to do the washing up.  It's not domestic abuse if it's the girl hitting you, I read it in a book somewhere.