Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Italian match fixer is arrested

Italian footballer Andrea Masielo has been arrested because he's been fixing games. The police were first alerted when he admitted it.

The Bari defender was minding his own business one day, sipping some wine in the veranda of his home when a mysterious creature approached with an offer he couldn't refuse. "If Bari lose the next game we'll give you €180,000. Make it ssssooooo" and he said the "sssssoooooo" bit with an emphasised 's' sound to make it sound more evil. I want you to understand how evil it was. Then the defender scored an own goal against Lecce and was investigated.

Now, I'm not sure the best way to cover up an illegal match fix is to score an own goal in front of many television cameras, but who am I to judge? Think of the pain you've caused your teammates you heartless bastard. The sporting director even said "we thought it was a normal match. The club is a damaged party in this" wiping tears from his eyes. Oh the humanity!

Thankfully for Italian football the whole match fixing thing seems to have gone away now which is good, because you wouldn't want one team just buying their way to victory every season. In other news Celtic still haven't won the SPL.