Monday, 23 April 2012

Ian Holloway hates divers

There's been this whole big thing recently where Ashley Young keeps diving and winning penalties and absolutely no-one likes it.  GNev explained the rules about it, but now Ian Holloway has ventured into the controversial world of 'simulation'.

The 'wacky' manager has some sort of column in the Independent apparently and used this week's section to tell everyone how much he wants to tea-bag Ashley Young, and how once he dragged a player into his office and told him if he dived again he would be sold.  And then he fingered him
I feel the same way about Ashley Young, Didier Drogba and anyone else who likes to collapse to the ground like a scene from Platoon as I do about Dwayne Chambers. He shouldn't compete at the Olympics because to be an Olympian you should be as quick and as good as you can without additional help. It is the same in football. You shouldn't have to cheat to get an advantage.
Damn straight homie.  You ain't be fooling no gangsta with that fly-ass fallin down sheeit, no woh am sayin?  Maaaaan, you trippin' if you think we be all 'woh... penalty' and be all like up in they faces.  My auto-correct went fucking mental with those two sentences.  Either it's really racist or people don't really talk like that, or they do talk like that and just use proper grammar and language on computers.  Do gangsters use computers?  You never see them on computers in movies.  Like in The Wire, those guys are always just hanging out with friends and shady ladies.  And that's supposed to believable?  I live in the real world, pal.  No-one normal goes through an evening without hitting refresh on their Facebook at least four times.  I'M SO LONELY