Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Go to the Euros, get measles

Like the dinosaurs, I thought measles were a thing of the past. It turns out they live in country called Ukraine.

Those are weasels, I googled measles and the photographs were really gross so I though that would be more aesthetically pleasing. A newspaper in Ukraine is urging fans planning to visit this summer to get their vaccinations before they head over. There has been an outbreak of measles which has now been described as an epidemic, which is the code word for PANIC! As far as I know getting measles is like having the flu, except you get a really horrible rash and it can somehow kill you. I think your brain explodes or something? Death by weasels is far less common but far more terrifying.

Some useful information for England fans this summer, the tyrannosaurus rex's vision is very poor and is based on movement. When you come into contact with one, bear that in mind. However do not try that with a velociraptor, they know how to set traps and open doors.

As I typed this Chelsea scored against Barcelona. Messi has been a bit rubbish so far, we always knew he couldn't do it on a cold, wet, Wednesday night in England etc