Friday, 27 April 2012

Gerard Piqué has amnesia

Gerard Piqué spent a small portion of Barcelona's semi-final defeat unconscious after Victor Valdes knocked him out accidentally. Luckily he doesn't remember a thing!

For some reason the medical staff allowed Piqué to play on after the incident, and that decision sounds stranger when you consider that he spent all night in hospital to make sure his brain still worked. The giant defender can't remember any of the 18 minutes he played against Chelsea and his parents had to tell him that they'd then lost the game, which probably caused him actual brain damage.

Upon reawakening from this news, Gerard decided that now was the time he'd win Madge back, and after running all the way to Ramsey street he shocked the inhabitants who were sure he'd died when he fell off that cliff all those years ago. With trombone in hand, he played a sexy tune and high fived Lou, later trying to find Pepper because she is smoking hot, and Madge is old and possibly dead. Then Karl Kennedy sang a song about how Victor Valdes sounds like a character from Street Fighter or the bad guy in a Tomb Raider game. Concussion sounds great