Thursday, 26 April 2012

GB to play Brazil

A Great Britain football team has not existed for about 41 years. As it has been brought back to life for the Olympics in London, the FA thought they would organise a glamour friendly. They have done well and booked a warm-up game against Brazil on the 20th of July, but for some reason decided that it should be played in Middlesbrough. That's like getting a date with the hot girl you've been chasing and then taking her to Wimpy.

Stuart Pearce is the manager so expect a lot of passion but absolutely zero tactics, shape, style, ideas or medals. He's delighted that his GB team has managed to get such a good team to play against and believes it will be a grand occasion for all the family, especially Uncle Albert - he bloody loves Britain. I have no idea who Uncle Albert is but I'm sure somebody has one.

Middlesbrough was chosen because of the Brazilian connection with Teeside. As far as I'm aware the Brazilian connection with Teeside is Juninho so let's hope he turns up to watch or else we will all look really fucking silly. My prediction: Lots of horns and step-overs but absolutely nothing gained for either side-  apart from seeing what England would look like with a decent left-winger.