Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Gary Neville is awesome

Do you remember the days when we all joined hands in our hatred for weasel faced Gary Neville?  Do you?  Let us rejoice in our foolishness for he is now the greatest football pundit the world has ever known.

In this ten minute long masterclass, GNev absolutely pwns the idea of 'diving'.  I think you should watch it and then go outside to the street and just yell "THANK YOU GARY NEVILLE" because you can.  He makes his co-presenter look like some guy that just got a job on television because he knows how to smile and make things seem better than they are.  Like if Will Ferrel told you he was banging your girlfriend you'd just kinda go "ah well".  FUCKING TUPAC IS ALIVE!  Oh wait he's not.

Sorry for the lack of updates people - I'm in the middle of moving house and blah blah blah and I also have absolutely no idea where Jack is.  He might actually be dead.  I'll bring him back as a hologram for you though, since you can do that now.  Not you.  Some scientists can.  I don't know if scientists would listen to tupac actually.  If I was asked I would guess Sting.