Monday, 16 April 2012

Gael Givet can't be arsed

Blackburn defender Gael Givet refused to play for Blackburn in a game the other day according to some newspapers, and Steve Kean's pleased-o-meter is at 0.  That means he is not pleased.

The Frenchman, 30, hasn't played for relegation doomed Blackburn since he was sent off in a 7 something loss against someone.  Although my powers of research are unrivalled, his commitment to the cause is, and Kean wants him dead.  Or just to try.  From the Telegraph:
I spoke with GaĆ«l and it was very apparent to me that he was not in the right frame of mind to be involved in this game.  I don’t want to get involved into why, we will keep that private as a club, but it was very apparent he couldn’t be on the pitch.  We need everyone to roll up their sleeves and dig. That’s the only way we are getting out of this. Everyone has to work for the cause.
So with Blackburn's other main defender Grant Hanley now injured for the rest of the season, Kean wants a really committed and brave man to step forward and take his place in 'operation: don't get relegated'.  I know absolutely nothing about Gael Givet other than the fact he is French and sometimes has a beard so I guess he might help out.  Or alternatively he might not.  It's writing like this that inspired my latest murder mystery: "Murder in the attic by the best friend of the main guy in the story, who seems really nice but actually is bad all along".  This one just has to work!