Thursday, 12 April 2012

Fulham buy some chickens

Fulham have bought 12 hens in an effort to reduce costs at the club's catering facilities, by stopping the need to buy eggs. Uhhhhh retards, eggs come from supermarkets...?  Chickens make cornflakes.

The money saving tactic is expected to re-coop around £5000 a year, which should pay for a little bit of one of the youth players' wages.  I don't understand what difference £5k is going to make to the team and can only therefore assume that the language barrier is what inspired Martin Jol, when he overheard Danny Murphy say "I wish the boss would get in a whole bunch of chicks so we can get laid!" and then he instantly thought "hmmm prostitutes would be a bad idea Danny Murphy, but perhaps I could save £5k a year by buying some hens instead of many eggs".