Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Ex-Chelsea player charged with assault

Chelsea binned a youth player quite recently because he set off a smoke grenade at training.  It was football training, not the intro of Call of Duty incase you were confused.  Yes, life is going well for young Jacob Mellis which is why he had a fight with his girlfriend that resulted in police kicking down his apartment block's front door.

The player, who has played at under-19s level for England is currently on trial at QPR, having been released by the Blues for his misbehaviour.  Not content with ruining that part of his life, Mellis had an argument with his teenage girlfriend (19) that sounds like most minor domestics, and for some reason the police gave him a caution:
'There was screaming, swearing and the sound of furniture being smashed,' said a neighbour. 'It sounded like a full-on war. No one dared go out.'
I don't see what the problem is here.  My favourite part in the Daily Mail's article is when they described his girlfriend as possibly being from latin descent, as though that has any relevance to the story whatsoever.  "SHE'S NOT COMPLETELY ENGLISH, BURN HER!!!!" is what seems to come through in the article, but who knows - maybe Mellis just discovered she was a witch, or perhaps he had done something to justify the attack, like not choosing what they want to do that night, or deciding not to watch Gossip Girl.  Girls can be so mean sometimes but I guess we deserve it!  Am I right guys?  Am I right?  Seriously - I'm really confused :-/