Friday, 20 April 2012

Emre drops an 'N' bomb

Fenerbahce midfielder Emre has been banned for two games for racially abusing Didier Zokora by the Turkish Football Disciplinary Committee.

Just look at the hate in those racist eyes.  These same eyes are the ones that in a game between Trabzonspor and Fenerbahce locked onto those of ex-Spurs player Didier Zokora who told reporters:
Emre and I had an argument during teh game.  I beg your pardon for saying this, but he insulted me by saying nigger
And then everyone around him went 'OOOOOHHHHHH you can't say that man' and then Zokora went 'I didn't say that, that's what Emre called me' and then they said 'I dunno dude, you can't just go around dropping words like that all over the place' and then they all left and Zokora was :-(

Then he was :-) because Emre got banned and sentenced to 12 years in space jail, which as we all know, is the worst jail of all.