Monday, 16 April 2012

El Hadji Diouf is arrested

El Hadji Diouf is real gentleman about town and was part of a jolly fun brawl in a nightclub the other night.  What fun!

The Senegalese striker, pictured above, currently plays for Doncaster Rovers and decided to visit a delicious night club in Manchester with some other people, including friend Anton Ferdinand.  At some point some shit went down and police had to get involved, arresting our friend Diouf in the ensuing brawl and escorting some random dude to the hospital so that he didn't die.  It turns out that being punched in the face a bunch of times is quite bad for you and this is why immediately concerned onlookers asked the referee if he had the incident on video.  He replied "no sorry, we aren't allowed to use that technology yet, it's just not ready", awarded a drop ball and play continued.  It's a pretty weird nightclub.