Saturday, 21 April 2012

Do Arsenal have the worst physios in the world?

Arsenal's physios have worked hard this season on making sure they keep Robin van Persie on the pitch, unfortunately they forgot about the rest of the team.

Chelsea were saved again today by a combination of Peter Cech and the goal posts. 0-0 was probably the last thing anyone predicted before the game but unfortunately (except for the bookies), that is what we got. Wenger lost Arteta for what is left of the season last week and it looks like he is going to joined by Walcott.

Little Theo has done his hamstring and is at risk of missing the Euros this summer, although I read that in the Daily Mail and if anything they say turns out to be true, it is down to pure luck and certainly not good journalism. If you close your eyes and throw 10,000 darts, eventually one of them will hit the bullseye or my brother in the arm, that was funny. 

It was announced recently that Jack Wilshere is still goosed and it makes me start to wonder, just what exactly are the physios doing down at the Emirates? RVP, Rosicky, Gibbs, Gervinho, Santos, Wilshere, Arteta, Vermalen - I should stop before I just list the entire team, they are always injured. I've never actually seen Arsenal train but I imagine it resembles something like an extreme obstacle course. Players have to swim under-water through sewage pipes, crawl through barbed wire and fight their way through high voltage electric- fences. For the last obstacle, they must face off against Almunia on an old rickety wooden bridge. Armed with wooden batons, the players do battle. One shall rise and one shall fall into the river below. The players who make it through are greeted by Arsene Wenger and are given a Kinder Surprise along with their match jersey.

Oh and the answer to the original question is yes.