Thursday, 5 April 2012

Dirk Kuyt to be sold in summer

Liverpool's human labrador Dirk Kuyt is set to be shipped out of Anfield in Kenny Dalglish's planned redesign of his squad.  That guy knows his football.

The forward/right midfielder/wherever on earth it is he's supposed to play Dutch international doesn't fit into King Kenny's future plans which involve buying as many players as possible that he's heard are good and then trying them out.  He can probably just delete them afterwards anyway so it doesn't really matter, and besides, it's not his money he's spending.  I bet Dalglish's computer has like every single toolbar and antivirus program ever made on it, as anyone over the age of 50 seems to think you are supposed to.  It's not pokemon you retards.  Learn the internet better.  You're ruining it for the clever people