Thursday, 5 April 2012

David Ginola is bad at court

A French court has decided that David Ginola should "stop being such a whiny bitch" and that he has lost his slander and defamation case against Gerard Houllier.

My god he is a handsome motherfucker.  Ginola took the case to court because he thinks Houllier is a giant bell end for blaming the winger's misplaced cross during a World Cup qualifying match against Bulgaria in 1994.  Since then the two have pretty much been bitching about each other the entire time until Ginola finally got bored and decided suing him might be a better way to relieve stress than punching a mannequin he had hidden in his basement.  I tried the same thing but it turns out setting up an entire court in your garage is really boring and despite the amount of free time you probably assume I have when things like the rocktopus come out of my brain, I do actually have things to do.  Sometimes I don't even have enough time to make it to the garage to punch the mannequin and I have to do it to my girlfriend instead.  She chose the wrong time to be in the hall!