Monday, 2 April 2012

David Beckham is substituted

Sexy England hero, David Beckham has RAGE because he was substituted at half time for LA Galaxy.... that's an American team.  Urghhhhhh get off my website you failure!

It's really hard to find a picture of Beckham where he isn't only wearing pants.  If you just tried and found quite the opposite, you obviously aren't as lazy as I am.  Someone who isn't lazy however, is David Beckham and his tireless efforts to get into TEAM GB for the olympics are suffering somewhat with his importance to Galaxy diminishing as his age increases.  It's almost as if he won't be able to play football forever like scientists had previously predicted..... as though he were ageing..... as though he were...... mortal.  Dun dun duuuuuuun.  My previous theory was that he may also have been immortal, like Posh Spice, but that may have just been because when I imagine having sex with her I think it would be like waggling a broom around inside a skeleton.  With a noise like a xylophone.  Of course I still would, dead or alive, she'd get it every time.  I mean alive only.  Definitely only alive.

Somewhere in this story I'm meant to point out that Beckham was really angry he was substituted.  There you go.  There's your story, now get off my land.  There's farming to be done