Monday, 2 April 2012

Craig Whyte: Wanted man

Disgraced doger/hero Craig Whyte is probably the most loved/hated man in Glasgow. Soon Rangers could be reduced to a delicious smoothie which can be enjoyed as nutritious breakfast or mid-morning snack. Police have advised Mr Whyte to take "extra precautions". That's like telling your boyfriend to use a condom after you're already pregnant.

Twat-face said this -
"I have had security advice from the police. "You would have to be living on a different planet to think that there is not an increased security risk for me.
 "I have been briefed by police and have been taking extra precautions. I am not overly concerned. Most people are understanding of the situation.
"I have been demonised for problems at the club from years ago."
Rangers' fans surely do not fall into the "most people" category and I certainly wouldn't use the word "understanding". What I understand is that most Rangers' fans would like to eat Craig Whyte's face. David Murray also deserves a lot of the abuse, he basically sold Whyte a grenade and pulled the pin out just before he handed it over.

I'd like to think that common sense would prevail and that fans wouldn't take the law into their own hands but the problem is, this is football. We all turn into retards when it comes to football, sometimes I'll met someone and think "they are really sound" and then find out they support Rangers or Liverpool when they are from Aberdeenshire, immediately I become suspicious of their character. Football makes me act like a nob, imagine what it does to uneducated morons? Think about Danny Dyer and there's your answer.