Monday, 2 April 2012

Craig Brown is standup comedian

Aberdeen manager Craig Brown is set to perform a stand up comedy routine for charity.  That isn't a joke.

The Dons boss has agreed to do the charity fundraise because he's just so fucking nice and also because he has some hilarious one liners to put out there.  Fundraisers are the best place to try out new material you see and with a Summer tour on the cards, Brown will be sure to warm up the charitable crowd by reading out jokes about prostitutes and ex-Chief Executives.  I say jokes, I mean police reports.  That guy was a postman for a while.

In other news I will be submitting some of my material for Pa Broon to use in his upcoming performance but it will be centred around the life changing realisation that 'Why did the chicken cross the road? To get to the other side' actually means that he wants to go to 'the other side'.  As in die.  26 years and I didn't get that one.

I just assumed it was one of those jokes that wasn't really a joke like 'why did the monkey fall out of the tree?  because it was dead'.  Life changing.

P.S can someone please buy us tickets for this