Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Colour blind painter makes Rangers pub green

A famous Rangers mink hole pub has been painted green by a colour blind painter.  It's about the only colour in the entire world he probably shouldn't have in his van for that job.  That and 'rainbow' which I'm not sure exists yet.

This is the pub in question and it looks like a wonderful place for a family meal, if during your family meals you enjoy being stabbed and surrounded by people whose only real use is as the subject of a reality tv show where 100s of them have to eat each other in order to survive on an island.  I think it's called 'administration' or something like that - I'm not 100% because I haven't really been reading the articles on it as much as I should have.

I think this new colour is wonderful because it might let all the Rangers fans who drink there remember that actually everyone in Glasgow is just a human and we should all be friends.  Then again, people should be allowed to divorce each other so I guess murdering people over that subtle difference in a religion formed somewhere in Israel as a spin-off of Judaism makes perfect sense.  I might go and pay this bar visit and have a nice pint of coca cola with a bit of lemon in it or alternatively I could go and help out the army in Iraq since I'd honestly feel safer there.