Friday, 27 April 2012

Chelsea vs QPR handshakes cancelled

Handshakes are a big deal - the worst one is when they limply stroke you and you don't know know how to react, or possibly it might be one that is FILLED WITH RACIAL HATRED.

It is because of this second kind of handshake that the FA has banned them from the upcoming QPR and Chelsea game, just in case JT is denied by Antonio Ferdinand and they start some sort of ugly hate fuelled grudge match which escalates into a global war. Terry doesn't have his trial until after the Euro championships, somewhat conveniently, but the racist accused now won't have to worry about the will they/won't they moment in the buildup to kick off.

Ferdinand's lawyers had advised him not to shake the Chelsea captain's hand already because it could prejudice the forthcoming trial and I think the only solution here really is for the pair of them to just fuck each other in the middle of the park. It would definitely make Match of the Day more interesting.