Sunday, 15 April 2012

Chelsea fans are really nice

Chelsea booked their place in the FA Cup final by destroying Spurs, using the power of ghosts to score goals when in fact no goals had been scored.  Things got even better when their fans started booing the minute's silence for the Hillsborough disaster.

The club has since said they are sorry for the bell-ends amongst the Chelsea crowd who decided that this was somehow an appropriate thing to do, but didn't apologise to Spurs for hounding the referee into awarding a goal that clearly wasn't.  The two obviously aren't on the same scale of wrongness.  It's just another example to add to the fucking huge list of reasons why referees should be allowed to view things back on any number of devices, but then I guess if we gave them that liberty they'd be playing Draw Something in the middle of matches and miss easy decisions, like any penalty Ashley Young has ever won.