Saturday, 7 April 2012

Chelsea: Our fans love drinking and fighting

Chelsea have made a formal complaint to the FA about the kick off-time for their game against Spurs, think about the fans safety they said, don't talk shit I said.

Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur's FA semi-final will be played at 6pm on a Sunday evening. A few days later Chelsea play Barcelona in the Champion's League semi-final and as I mentioned before, they are not happy. The FA didn't give a shit about the blues' "our players will be tired" complaint so they have formulated another excuse.

The game is played later as not to clash with the Manchester United game earlier in the day. In a strongly worded letter to the FA, Chelsea say that playing at 6pm gives fans more time to get hammered and fight each other. All the FA care about is TV money, they don't care about the poor fans. How dare they not think about all the poor innocent football hooligans who now have more time to drink themselves into a violent frenzy. They might even fight each other and then get banned from ever attending football games in the future. They could even break their hands from punching heads. Did you even think about those people? You corporate fat-cats with your top-hats and monocles, you've completely lost touch with the common football fan. We don't want to get hammered and fight but if kick-off isn't until 6pm, then what other choice do we have?

It doesn't say much for the club's opinion of their own fans does it? Having been to a football match once, I can tell you that it doesn't matter what time it kicks off, fans will still get plastered. When Aberdeen play Rangers it is always an early kick-off, to combat this fans queue for the pubs to open and get as many "down the hatch" as they can before heading to the ground. If you want to hear innovative insults and witness seagulls shitting on fans by the thousands then head up North for an Aberdeen Rangers game, you won't be disappointed.