Friday, 20 April 2012

Ched Evans is a convicted rapist

Ched Evans has been jailed for 5 years for raping a 19-year old girl.

His friend Clayton McDonald was cleared of the charge so Ched Evans is the lone rapist in this story. The prosecution argued that the female in question was too hammered to say no and the jury agreed. 

CCTV cameras caught the victim falling over in a kebab shop and the hotel receptionist said she was slurring her words and stumbling about. Evans maintains that the girl knew exactly what she was doing and was in full control of her actions and definitely not unconscious. From what the Guardian has told me, Clayton had sex with her and then called Evans to come and join in. By the time Evans got there she must have passed out or else he wouldn't have been convicted of rape.

Evans argued that he had a girlfriend at the time and wouldn't have done this but he did - he was convicted and he cried. I've not really made any jokes or made this funny but then again it's a story about a footballer found guilty of rape. Kyle Bartley supported his friend Ched - "Some very very stupid girls out there. Lost a good friend, and a great person." Textbook career suicide.