Friday, 20 April 2012

Charlie Mulgrew thinks Neil Lennon is an idiot

PFA Scotland player of the year nominee/abandoner Charlie Mulgrew has put some distance between the thoughts of his manager and every other person at the club who is normal.

As you may recall, Neil Lennon recently described the fact that Celtic had fouls awarded against them in their Scottish Cup semi-final as deeply unfair and 'personal' but Mulgrew rejects the idea that the players also think this.
Whatever the manager tweets is up to him.  We don't take any notice of that.  That's the manager's own view.  We don't get involved in it"
Wise words Judas.  Mulgrew then attempted to soften the harshness of his soundbite by explaining it's probably because Lennon is so 'passionate' for the game and Celtic that he makes himself look like such a giant bell-end on regular occasion.  In no way is it because he's wrong or mentally challenged.  You could tell me the guy was raised by wolves and I'd just accept it as another explanation before I began to doubt it.  Then again, several of my friends were also raised by wolves so I am accustomed to this behaviour, but that is because they are wolves.


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