Saturday, 7 April 2012

Celtic worked really hard this year

Assistant manager Alan Thompson has condemned all those people who have said Celtic's definite league title win wasn't hard work as idiots - nay, buffoons.

The former Celtic midfielder is very pleased about the fact his CV will include a league win and is convinced that all the hard work the team did earlier this season has finally paid off.  Hard work like turning up for games.
"All this talk of tainted titles from pundits writing this and writing that, is an absolute nonsense.
"To turn it around 15 points - regardless of the 10 points deduction Rangers have had - means absolute massive credit has to go to our players for what they have done."
Ah yes and that happened as well didn't it?  The only other rival team in the entire league blew up and lost all their points.  Winning the league with Celtic should feel about as rewarding as winning a 100 metre race against people in wheel chairs, while you drive a motorbike and push your closest opponent over on to the floor so he can't get up halfway through.  And I can tell you that while the taste of victory is indeed sweet, eventually you realise that perhaps you just shouldn't crash your kids sports day at school.  Or anyone else's kids sports day.