Monday, 30 April 2012

Carlos Tevez is 'destined to score'

Because the BIGGEST GAME EVER is on later today, all the paper have been going tits about Carlos Tevez this and Carlos Tevez that. Because he used to play for United. DID YOU REALISE THIS???????!!!

The creature was lured over to the dark side of Manchester by the emporer Sheik Mansour and also his Dad, Roberto Mancini, who promised him that together they could rule the galaxy. After bailing on his loser friends in the red side of the city, Tevez set about using his incredible powers to tear opponents apart and now he faces his old mentor, Obi Wan Ferguson, who will be played by Sir Alex Ferguson tonight. The Guardian quoted the Man City manager:
I think Carlos is destined to score the most important goal in the history of this club," Mancini said. "This is my belief."
And now the stage is set. Tevez has been torn between his good side and his bad - does he want to piss off Fergie or Mancini more? Who annoyed him the most over the last few years? Will his friend Sergio Aguero finally pay the ransom to Frank Lampard the Hutt and will I have sex with Princess Leia? Maybe. In your mind counts if she's hot.