Thursday, 5 April 2012

Blackburn takeover group plans to give free season tickets

Football is a wonderful sport where intelligent minds come together to appreciate the visual treats a well played sport can deliver.  Win, lose or draw - the only thing that matters is that you have fun.  MEANWHILE, IN BLACKBURN:

Yet another supporters group wants to buy out the Venkys ownership of the club and this one has a great free gift if you sign up because you get a season ticket somehow.  If you buy a certain amount of shares it works out that you get dividends and also a season ticket included in the price blah blah I really haven't paid much attention to it.  This is the problem with things that require thought like politics - I don't care.  I get all these letters from candidates telling me how they've asked for a free parking permit for me, or that they will get more bins on the street or hide the homeless people somewhere.  If you want my attention just put some tits there - I really shouldn't have to keep going over this with everyone.  School would have been a lot more interesting, therefore better grades.  I just keep solving the earth's problems one after one.