Friday, 6 April 2012

Antonio Cassano is back!

Football is full of dullards these days, it's rare to find a footballer who's actually a bit mental and entertaining. It looked like we had lost one of the best mentals but it has been announced that Cassano has been officially cleared to play football again. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT - my celebratory cyber air horn.

There he is trying to hug Mourinho in his pants. Cassano said his days at Real Madrid were the best of his career because he lived in a hotel and all he did was have sex and eat pies. He has been out of action since the end of October when he was treated for "stroke-like systems", whatever that means. Whilst in hospital they discovered that he also had a small cardiac malformation or in Jens Lehman's terms, a minor heart problem, probably a result of all those pies.

Surgery went well and he resumed training by himself (which sounds fucking awful) in January. Now a special crack team of 10 medical supermen have confirmed that Cassano can resume playing soccerball properly on a pitch and everything.  He doesn't have much time to get himself fit and to the Euros this summer but the Euros need Cassano and so do Italy. The wee nutter was their top scorer in qualifying and I want to see him doing stupid things and winding up everyone.

AC Milan should have him back in action soon. It still seems incredible that he, Zlatan and Robinho haven't killed each other yet. I always enjoy looking for Cassano quotes so here is another -
I was poor my whole life, but I never worked, mainly because I don’t know how to do anything.