Saturday, 21 April 2012

Anton Ferdinand is Shocked

Remember when John Terry called Anton Ferdinand a black c**t? Terry will be in court in July after England disappoint all their fans in June. Ferdinand has talked to somebody about his shock at the way some fans have reacted to the racist abuse he received.

You would hope that in the real world that if you were racially abused, you would be considered the victim but this is football land not the real world. Anton Ferdinand has said the abuse he has received in the last six months has been extreme and has even received death threats because he had the audacity to be racially abused and complain about it.  In his words - 
“How can they even be giving me any stick?”
I would have to agree with him. In the interview he also said lots of boring things about getting injured, playing for England and his brother being his rock. One thing he did say was that the chants and stick from some fans has not affected the way he has played and in fact he has had his best season ever. QPR are 17th so I think that means that Anton Ferdinand is not very good or maybe he is really good and all the other players are terrible? Basically Anton Ferdinand is saying the rest of the defence is shit. That's pretty harsh Anton, what happened to team spirit? If Joey Barton asks if you want to go to McDonald's tonight, don't go - he's probably read this and wants to stab you in the eye.