Monday, 9 April 2012

Andy Carroll isn't quite right

Liverpool failure Andy Carroll still hasn't quite got in the swing of things at Anfield and some pundits have deduced that this may be because he wasn't built in the correct manner, or at least moulded in the way a true Liverpool goal-scorer should be.

Kenny Dalglish is particularly annoyed because he's had to stand up and lie to reporters about how he fully expects Carroll to fulfil his potential, having the favour returned by the lumbering striker by shouting swear words very loudly in his face.  It's a technique that gets no-one very far in life, unless you need to be able to communicate with anyone who works for MegaBus.

The Daily Mirror reckons Carroll is going to be sold for whatever Liverpool can get for him so expect to see a cow, a box of DVDs and a bicycle playing upfront for the Anfield side next season.  Or in other words, just the same players as normal but as seen through the eyes of Dirk Kuyt.